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About Us

Our humble beginnings in the water treatment industry started with my training at the young age of 7. My father was an entrepreneur and worked hard to support our family through his local, maritime based water treatment business and I loved being right there by his side. It was with him that I learned how to service equipment, test water, and figure out what the best solution was to the customer’s water problems. Most importantly though he taught me how to take care of the customer after the sale. To him, it was more important to keep a customer than to get a new customer.  It is these valuable lessons that are at the core of our business today, 26 years later.

Today, National Water is not a massive corporate entity. It is not nestled in the middle of a sprawling mega industrial park in one of the Canada's largest cities. It is a medium sized, family run business in one of the friendliest parts of Canada… New Brunswick.

With years of training and experience behind us we bring something unique to the table. We know water very well and we know how to fix it.

If it's not right, we will make it right. We will continue to grow. We will continue to get better. We will always take care of the customer. We will always be a maritime based, family run company. We are a local company with a national presence. 


Corey MacPhee

General Manager