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KDF/GAC (Granulated Active Carbon) 2.5" X 10" Water Filter Cartridge

KDF/GAC (Granulated Active Carbon) 2.5" X 10" Water Filter

  • $114.99

KDF/GAC (Granulated Active Carbon) 2.5" X 10" Water Filter Product Description:

Our KDF/GAC water filtration cartridge  inhibits bacteria formation, removes sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and more, while leaving the healthy minerals present in your water.  KDF actually neutralizes chlorine!  And the effectiveness of the GAC is extended by using KDF to remove chlorine.

KDF/GAC Filter Advantages

  • Removes a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals
  • Leaves healthful minerals intact producing a tastier mineral water
  • KDF neutralizes chlorine
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower operating costs (about 1 cent per gallon)
  • KDF media inhibits bacteria growth within the unit - uses no silver
  • 5 to 10 times longer life than GAC-only filter

Patented KDF process media consist of high-purity copper-zinc formulations. These substances exchange electrons or bond with chlorine and other metals contained in the water to create harmless substances. Through this basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction), KDF process media work behind the scenes to rid your water of chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide. The redox reaction also inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi. As an added benefit, KDF media reduce lime scale, mold, and fungi in your tub or shower. KDF process media are completely safe. KDF media meet EPA and Food and Drug Administration standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water, so the process is not toxic and does not cause any adverse side effects.