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Viqua 602856 UV Replacement Lamp/Bulb for J/PLUS, K/PLUS, PRO30, PRO50 (Part#:Viqua-602856)

Viqua 602856 UV Replacement Lamp/Bulb for J/PLUS, K/PLUS, PRO30, PRO50 (Part#:Viqua-602856)

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Viqua 602856 Replacement Lamp/Bulb Specification:

  • For use with the J/PLUS, K/PLUS, PRO30, PRO50, S80, SM80, SV50 professional UV Systems. 
  • Ensures your Viqua UV system continues to reduce up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Requires replacement sleeve and replacement O-ring, which are both sold separately
  • Does not include replacement sleeve or replacement O-ring

To Maintain Your Viqua System, Use Only Genuine Viqua Replacement Lamps/Bulbs:

UV lamps/bulbs have a limited life span and need to be replaced annually. When you use genuine Viqua replacement lamps, you can be confident your family’s water will continue to be disinfected to the levels the system was designed to deliver.

Top Benefits of Using Genuine Viqua Replacement Lamps/Bulbs:

  • Fully Certified: Our genuine lamps/bulbs carry full NSF and CSA certifications and are also Toxicity Characteristic Leching Procedure (TCLP) compliant.
  • Warranty: Genuine Viqua lamps/bulbs come with a comprehensive, one-year replacement warranty. Using a genuine Viqua lamp/bulb makes sure the warranties on all other system components stay intact too.
  • Third-Party Validation: They’ve gone through performance testing and meet certification and validation standards of governing bodies.
  • Easy to Recycle: When the time comes, Viqua lamps/bulbs can be safely and easily recycled.
  • Long-life Coating: Viqua lamps/bulbs are coated for stability, longer life, increased efficiency and higher UV output over the life of the lamp.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our lamps contain less than 10 mg of mercury, nearly 70% less than some non-genuine lamps/bulbs.
  • Peace of Mind: Damage arising from the use of non-genuine lamps/bulbs poses a safety risk and is not covered by equipment warranty.

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